Friday, August 25, 2006


Taking a page out of Bob Raissman's book of the NY Daily Snooze, I wouldllike to nominate my own Dweeb of the Week.
I nominate Mid-Island Little League president, Bob Johnson for coming out and dissing the Yankees and the Mets for not contributing more to their Little League World Series trip. WHile the Yankees had contributed $5000 to the youngster he went on to ask for more, singling out Alex Rodriguez on the way.
The Yankees and the Mets contrubuted heavily to the 911 victims, Derek Jeter and Jose Reyes have their own charity foundations. Bernie Williams and Mariano Rivera and constantly helping out victims from their own countries disasters. I won't even touch upon New Orleans and it hurricane tragedy.
Mr. Johnson this is baseball, these kids are healthy (I am not so sure about the absent minded Smith), Get on the corners, at the malls, have a raffle, dance, anything. Stop your whinning and start setting an example for the league you run. Keep your mouth closed.

In other news the Yankees take on the Angels in Anaheim this weekend in a three game set. It is time to pay back for the way the halos treat us.

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Forty_Two said...

Yes, athletes can get away with anything.