Saturday, December 09, 2006

Andy Comes Home

They all come home again. If you work for George Steinbrenner you have a job for life. They all come back. Bobby Murcer came back, Tino Came back, Rueben Sierra came back. Billy Martin came back and back and back and back. From Rob Gardenhire to Mike Stanton they all came back. It may not be as a player but if you want to come back George will take you back in some capacity. He is even considering letting Dwight Gooden come back after his alcohol problems, hey it's only one of those Steve Howe MLB second chances.

Out of all the players who returned not many have succeeded to their abilities of their first time around. Players like Rueben Sierra exceeded them. Most of them came up short.

Now marks Andy Pettitte the sequel, a Texan by birth and a Yankee by choice. Andy once again has the opportunity to bail us out in the games 2 and 7 of the playoffs. He has the chance to be the stopper in Da Bronx once again. Will he have problems returning to the American League? Will he be the same old Yankee Doodle Andy? Will The Rocket follow his good buddy back north at least for parts of the season? Only time will tell, but this publisher is happy.

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