Saturday, April 01, 2006

Luckiest Fans On The Face Of This Earth: History of New York Yankees Fall Classics

as written by author and essayist Michael Aubrecht of the Pinstripe Press

No team in the history of Major League Baseball has ever dominated the postseason like the New York Yankees and their storied franchise currently leads all sports teams in championships-won. From Ruth and Gehrig - to Jeter and Rivera - the history of the "Bronx Bombers" in the Fall Classic continues to be written and rewritten again and again! The intent of this website is to provide fans with a concise, online reference guide featuring New York's World Series notables. I have also included several detailed studies into my own personal favorite Yankees World Series subjects, little known facts from Baseball-Almanac and key historical events that took place off the field. From purists and historians, to novices alike, this website has something for everyone!

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