Thursday, July 27, 2006


IMHO Joe Torre made a rare mistake last night which almost cost us the game after coming back.
Kyle Farnsworth was warming up prior to the eighth inning. For what ever reason, Farnsworth never came into the game. TJ Beam, who clearly wasn't warmed up enough was summoned to pitch the eighth. Needless to say TJ was not ready.
Torre should have started the frame with Farnsworth on the mound and then go out there with trainer Gene Monohan and pull Farnsworth due to injury. Then Beam would have had as much time as he needed to get ready.
As it went the tired Scott Proctor was summoned and relinquished the lead. Shawn Chacon was the luckiest man that night as he came in with bases loaded and nobody out trailing 7-6. He struck out the first batter he faced and got an inning ending double play which he started be nabbing a line drive.
The good guys won in the end and Jason Giambi homered with Derek Jeter aboard to bring home the bacon in the ninth as they won 8-7 with Mariano Rivera picking up the save.

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