Sunday, May 28, 2006


I hope the Yankees are doing the right thing not disabling Jorge Posada. A catcher of his status doesn't need a knee injury of any kind.

The last two season Jorge has impressed me with his defensive improvements. He has made his locker worthy of the Thurman Munson baseball card he has hanging in there. For years Jorge was calling great games while wielding a potent bat but when it came to blocking the plate he was second rate. In the last two seasons Posada's defense was born. An infielder by trade Jorge all of a sudden got the knack of defensive catching.

My whole problem now is that if the Yankees don't rest him and let it heal several things can happen.

  1. It could throw off his timing at the plate.
  2. It could hamper his running .
  3. It may make Posada shy when it comes to player contact.

I say unless you are 100% sure he can play through this without making any sacrifices then do it. If not it is time to DL Jorge before we lose him physically and mentally for the season.

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