Sunday, March 26, 2006


With the rosters trimming down and Opening Day in site, it is time to rewind and look back at just what we have seen this Spring. Sources say that this years crop of players have beat last Spring's bunch hands down. Yankee Spring Training has been Kevin Heaven as both outfielders Kevin "KT" Thompson and Kevin Reese have had super pre seasons. However both player will benefit by heading to Columbus to start the season with our old friend Melky Cabrera.

That does however make the Columbus outfield a little crowded. Melky had a great spring being a step ahead having played winter ball. Miguel Cairo is happy to be in pinstripes and had a great spring as well.

How accurate has the performances been during the Spring? Well, you have to take into consideration that a lot of the kids have been given more exposure being a good portion of the regulars have been participating in the World Baseball Classic. The results of the "Spring Break" have yet to be seen.
  • Will the regulars be ready to start the season?
  • Will they run out of gas earlier than normal?
  • Are the good outings by some of the kids been misrepresentation to the the lower quality of competition?

These questions all remain unanswered. We probably wont know all the answers until September.

I must admit I wasn't excited about the WBC but I really enjoyed watching the tournament. Sure there are bugs to be worked out but the best teams won. Next time around I wouldn't be surprised if the preparation changes for the US and Dominican teams. The Japan, Korean and Cuban teams were better prepared and it showed and deservingly so.

Opening Day is coming and the Yanks will be involved with three of them. Before they get home to their own the playing in both the Angel and Athletic home openers. All I can say is "Play Ball".

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