Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A few thoughts about the game and other stuff:...

Barry "Goodad" Spencer Special Guest Blogger

1. Proctor looked really good. He's got hisself a slider now, and he's throwing it for strikes. He's also got hisself a changeup now, and he's throwing it for strikes. He actually appeared to get stronger as the game went into the 4th. Word is they're grooming him for long relief.

2. Pavano looked ok. I hate back problems in pitchers. Especially young ones. They can flare up at a moments notice. Fingers crossed.

3. Jorge was plugged in as DH. Looking like rocky raccoon his timing is a little off. But, consider this. If Joe uses him like he did last year, a few weeks off in the Spring should facilitate fresher legs for Hip. Bodes well for our October.

4. Murcer and Singleton mentioned the Yanks had been doing defensive drills earlier that day. Specifically infield defense. Both were kinda surprised about this so late in Spring training. Which begs the question, why so surprised? You can never work on fundamentals too much. Stinnett was taking pops behind the plate. Anybody who has ever been there knows, there is no such thing as an easy pop up the catcher has to field. All this continuing work on infield fundamentals has a Larry Bowa flavor to it. And I like it a lot!

5. Bowa has also been working with Cano on keeping his glove down, and teaching him to anticipate a bad hop on every play. Basic infield mechanics, taught in Little League, but you could see the difference in Cano's fielding last night. Much more sure handed. Much more fundamentally sound. Don't let Bowa's efforst go unnoticed as you watch the Yanks infield this year.

6. Mazzilli on the bench is also going to be a major asset to Joe. Joe has a great deal of respect for his former 1st base coach. Maz has a great baseball mind, and watches the game with a keen eye. He's also a walking rule book.

7. Giambi's eye for the plate is right there! What a surprise!8. The importance of renewed interest in working on sound baseball fundamentals can not be emphasized enough. Mental errors cost ballgames, and by the break in July, I expect to hear from more than a few announcers, how fundamentally sound this years Yankees play the game.

My predictions for this year:

1. Look for a lot of fun.

2. Look for a lot of frustration.

3. Look for a lot of crooked numbers.

4. Look for a lot of wins.Last night I could feel the tingle of anticipation as opening day draws near.

And with the last pre-season game Saturday afternoon, it's almost time for Yankinit to set the table, and the great AlanH to bring it home in true BTB tradition.

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