Tuesday, October 10, 2006


OK Press corps how does it feel to be out scooped by the New York Post? Joe Torre will be back on the helm in 2007. George Steinbrenner made it official today and Joe announced it at a 1PM press conference.

Steinbrenner, in a statement issued through spokesman Howard Rubenstein, said he told Torre: "'You're back for the year. I expect a great deal from you and the entire team. I have high expectations, and I want to see enthusiasm, a fighting spirit and a team that works together. Responsibility is yours, Joe, and all of the Yankees.'"Yes, I am deeply disappointed about our loss this year," Steinbrenner added. "We have to do better, and I deeply want a championship.

OK that rumor is quashed now be good boys and report on the games and worry about the Yankee moves when they happen. All announcements need to be made public after the World Series. It's bad enough the games are on after 75% of the kids (and me) are asleep. Don't distract from baseball.

Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports, the same writer that brought us the fact that Andy Pettitte signed with the Astros so his wife can keep an eye on him, can't be happy that Joe (Torre) is staying as he has to blame just about everything except the nuclear weapons in Korea on Joe Torre.

With the success of their Torre exclusive The Post also reports that the Yankees are not going to trade A-Rod.

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