Saturday, February 18, 2006


Now I propose the question, is this a good year to attend Spring Training? If you trek to Tampa you may not get to see Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez or newbie clean-shaven Johnny Damon. You may not even get to see Miggy Cairo. You will however get to see Robbie Cano, who opted out of the World Baseball Classic because he felt it more fruitfull playing than being third string and riding the pine. You will get to see the remaining 2/3 of the Yankee outfield as Hideki Matsui and Gary Sheffield both took a pass on playing. You will definitely get to see Jorge Posada who the Yankees have sucessfully blocked from participation despite Jorge's disire to wear the "PR" on his cap. George Steinbrenner has spoke out about his dislike for the WBC but Derek Jeter is at the opposite side of the spectrum he is outright excited about playing for USA team.

Mike Mussina was approached by Italy to play in the WBC, the only problem is Mike is not Italian, he is slavic, his family had changed their name. The Daily Snooze reports that Mike now is ready to sit down and bang out a contract extention.

Carl Pavano has halted throwing due now to back problems he is experiencing. The Yankees signed 38-year-old Scott Erickson to a non-roster contract. The audition is due to the fact that "superscout" Jason Giambi has seen him throw and that the signing was, mostly Giambi's work .

Chisox Skipper Ozzie Guillen made a sideways apology yesterday from his comments in a Sports Illustrated interview calling A-Rod a "hypocrite," among other niceties, for hedging over playing for Team USA or the Dominican Republic in the World Baseball Classic. Anthony McCarron of the Snooze report on the inane comments of a sore winner. Who is a hypocrite now Ozzie?

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