Friday, August 18, 2006


Forget the Subway Series this weekend is the real thing. A weekend where 1 = 1, not 1/2 or 0. A loss equals a loss equals a loss. The Yankees and Red Sox square off in a series where anything can happen and yes it really Ain't over till it's over. A Stadium where 7 runs are not enough. With pitching staffs that are both crippled and overused.

The Yankee starters need to go the extra inning this weekend with 5 games in 4 days. A weekend where stars are born or die. A series where you wonder which A-Rod will show up. You have to wonder if you should pitch to Big Papi or walk him, even with bases loaded.

Is is overhyped? Yes, but it is fun so sit back and enjoy, or get agrivated.

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