Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Morneau Beats Jeet

The Yankee bashing continues as Justin Morneau takes the the 2006 MVP for the American League by a vote of 320 to 306 over the second place Derek Jeter. While Morneau had some impressive offensive numbers Derek was a more all around player. I have seen people arguing that if the Twins didn't have Justin they wouldn't have made the post season. Well, if Jeter went down the Yankees wouldn't have had a cake walk either. And besides this is the same argument that was used to justify MVP coming from losing teams. The MVP should be the best all around player. It can be argued that Jermaine Dye had a better year than Morneau.

If Jeter could win the Hank Aaron Award and the Silver Slugger, the hat trick should have all been locked up. All it took was one sixth place vote to do Jeter in. That vote was casted by Joe Cowley of the Sun Times. I ask any of you to name 5 players that deserved MVP before Jeter!! And why? Cowley was interviewed today by Mike and the Maddog, here is what he had to say to justify his vote. In all fairness to Morneau, he had a great year, but all around Jeter had a better one.

Derek may be #2 on the Yankees and #2 in the MVP voting but he is #1 in the eyes of the New York Fans.

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