Monday, August 21, 2006


Most of us are too young to remember the Yankees play a five game series needless to say sweep it. Most of us would have been extatic to win three out of five of these games. But after we took the first three we wanted it all.

We swept out biggest rivals by no stretch of the imagination. We beat them on their home turf, in a Park, a beutiful one at that, where 5 runs is seldom enough. The New York Yankees completed an unimaginable five-game sweep at Fenway Park on Monday, extending their AL East lead to a season-high 6 1/2 games over the Red Sox.

Both teams limped into this series. The Bombers of the Bronx too it all and left no prisoners. We saw the Aflac Duck all weekend but Benifer was nowhere to be found. A series that had a slight hint of playoff aroma but even more of the emotion that goes with it. For the first time in two years the Yankees looked like a team, in and out of the dugout.

Was this series as good as the one in 1978? I say no. We had more to gain back then. In 2006 we have Big Papi, in 78 we had George "Boomer" Scott. In 78 we had Jim Rice in 06 we had Manny just being Manny. In 78 we had pitcher Ron Guidry in 06 we have pitching coach Ron Guidry. Not many of the players can even remember 78, I can! In 78 we had fun, in 06 we had more fun.

Am I still for a balanced schedule? You bet I am. But this was just a whole lot of fun. The sweep just made it sweeter.

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