Monday, May 23, 2005


OK the Yankees beat the Mets two out of three. The Bombers capped off the weekend by staging a come from behind victory over the Mets by a score of 5-3. The truth is it is only two wins no matter how you look at it. Now it is back home and the Detroit Tigers come into town. Guess what? We have to take two out of three there as well.
It was rivalry weekend for MLB. The Yankees/Mets, Chisox/Cubs, Braves/Bosox, Twins/Brewers ... huh???? The Mets and Yankees had some real sloppy games this weekend. Players injured stuff I didn't even know existed. The Mets sounded like a geometry class as Carlos Beltran injured his quad and Kaz Matsui injured his tangent. Derek Jeter injured his elbow ( I heard of that) and missed Sundays game along with Jorge Posada (sore shoulder) and Gary Sheffield (sore hand).
Robinson Cano only picked up one hit this weekend. BTW, Cano's childhood hero was none other than his teammate Bernie Williams.

My Inside Sources...
Have reported that Pedro Martinez did not actually have a cortisone shot this weekend. It was all a ploy to keep him from pitching in the cool damp weather Friday night. He sure pitched well Sunday and his post game press conference he was an ideal citizen once again.

That Carl Pavano was traded for both Pedro Martinez and Cliff Floyd ?

After the next turn through the rotation, Joe Torre again plan to pass over Chien-Ming Wang due to an off day to keep Randy Johnson on four days' rest. Wang will pitch Wednesday against Detroit because Yankees manager Torre wants the Big Unit to start Friday's series opener against Boston. He'll be followed by Carl Pavano and Mike Mussina

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