Thursday, May 19, 2005


Strike up the band!!! It is time once again for the Subway Series. Time to print the special sections in your local paper, time to sell those special t shirts. This year the games mean more to the Bombers than ever before (outside of the World Series). Not because we need bragging rights to the city, although it would make it easier Monday at work for some of us, but because we just need wins, period. With these teams wins will not come easy. Willie Randolph has the new-look Mets off to a 22-19 start in his first year as manager after 11 seasons spent coaching with the Yankees. And he knows all about the Big Apple propaganda that comes with every Yankees-Mets series. I wonder if Subway has anything in store for the Series.

I for one feel we don't need to play the Mets every year. There is just too much of that pseudo pressure. And you can't tell me the 2000 World Series wouldn't have been much more interesting and exciting if we didn't play the Mets six times already that year.

Friday's Matchup pairs Victor Zambranno against Kevin Brown. Could be interesting if Zambranno continues his Yankee killing ways and Brown has a another gasp of life in his arm. Saturday will feature Randy Johnson who has had his problems with the Mets in the past. Sunday's matinee features Carl Pavano against Pedro Martinez. This will be the first time Pedro bats against the Yankees. Will Petey hit any Yankees and will Carl retaliate? Stay tuned!!!

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