Friday, May 27, 2005


Last night Kevin Brown was lucky he sure wasn't good. He picked up his fourth straight win while being hit hard, real hard. The score was 4-3 the Yanks were lucky they had the four as they completed a three game sweep of the Tigers. Alex Rodriguez got the GWRBI by hitting his career 398 home run, 17th of the year to lead the AL.

Forget the Mets and Yankees. Forget the Cubbies and Chisox. Forget the Canadians and Leafs. There is only one rivalry in sports and it is happening tonight in the Bronx. The Boston Red Sox are in town and bringing their "a" game to the cathedral. What the "a" stands for is anyone's guess.

Johnny Damon sees the writing on the wall as he is trying to pump up his injury plagued team even before they set foot in the city that never sleeps. David Wells is back and pitching more like Ed Whittson. Curt Schilling admits now that "maybe" he tried to come back too soon. The difference now is that the Yankees are playing like Yankees and the Sox are having their troubles. But with these two teams that can all change nightly.

Mike Lupica of the Daily Snooze reports that the Red Sox are aware of the Yanks' upward climb. The Orioles won again last night and completed a sweep of the Mariners, that pushed the Red Sox to five games out while the Yankees are now in a second-place tie with the Blue Jays .

The series begins tonight and it is on ESPN (YES in NY, and NESN in New England), the pitching matchup for game one will be knuckler Tim Wakefield (4-3, 4.24 ERA) vs. Randy Johnson (4-3, 3.94 ERA). Lets go Yankees. Lets hope for some good baseball.

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