Saturday, May 28, 2005


The Yankees and the Red Sox face off again today on FOX 5 but last night there was a gem of a game right out of the pages of Yankees-Red Sox history. Robinson Cano hit a game tying home run as well as two defensive plays to gawk at and Gary Sheffield put them ahead for good and the trio of Tanyon Sturtze, Flash Gordon and Mo Rivera wrapped up the game for the shaky starter Randy Johnson.

Gary Sheffield's homer landed in the upper deck in left, and Robinson Cano planted a shot of his own into the bleachers in right. The Yankees threw out two runners at the plate in the top of the sixth to keep the game within reach.
Cano is spotlighted in today's Daily Snooze. Snoozeday rightly gives a bit of credit to Jorge Posada for finally blocking the plate. In the battle of third base coach round one goes to Luis Sojo who outdueled former Yankee and current Bosox coach Dale Sveum last night as the News points out. John Olerud is back in the show as the Boston Globe reports.

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