Friday, May 13, 2005


Well Yankee fans it is the first west coast swing of the year as the Yanks have a six game stint against Oakland and Seattle. The real question is Jason Giambi. Giambi will be at DH tonight after turning down a trip to Columbus to work himself back in shape. Bernie Williams who is unable to play CF because of his elbow clearly should be in the DH role for the simple reason is that he can hit.
Jason you refuse to go the opposite way even though Donnie Mattingly has worked with you on it over and over again. Time to rethink your philosophy if you want to continue your career. That shift has caused serious injuries to twio players so far. One was your teammate Derek Jeter and the other was the Chicago Cub 2B who tripped over Kerry Wood two years ago. The Giambi shift puts players out of position and that causes havoc.
Sure Ted Williams never went against his shift but Jason, you are not Ted Williams, right now you are not Jason Giambi and may never be again.

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