Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Our Bomber Buddy Gets Help In Enemy Territory

Long time BTB member was vacationing in Boston ( dunno why?) a few weeks ago and ran into a great ordeal.  Fortunately he ran into some angels of mercy (one which he travels with).

A funny thing happened on MarkUK's way back from Boston. Back from Boston two weeks late from facebook: - thanks to all the surgeons and doctors of the Boston Vascular unit for saving my life - I will never forget these guys esp Dr Gregg and Dr Tony. Thank God for the wonderful USA medical system. And what a woman my Tanya is - by my side for every minute of my nightmare.

I just got really ill really fast - had a double aneurysm in my Aorta. 5 hour operation - just in time, I was dying. Those Bostonians saved me but I still HATE THE RED SOX!!!!!!! Go Yankees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-)

I am ever grateful to those Boston Doctors and shout across the Atlantic "Get Well Soon Mark" You must be doing something right.

I just got chills my friend thinking 7Reggie was with you helping you through this one.

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