Saturday, October 23, 2010


The New York Post has proven once again what a classless rag it is with both their front and back page after the Yankees have been eliminated.  They even ask Derek Jeter about is contract plans.  Well I am 99.9999% sure Derek didn't srrive at the Stadium in Arlington planning to lose and ready make his new future plans.  Plus don't the realise that without the Yankees they have nothing to write about?  If the World Series was the Rangers and Giants, Long Islanders aren't going to care that they won't have Channel 5.

Phil Hughes pitched a good game.  He had no support and we only got three hits off a pitcher who was playing in Japan the last couple of years. 

One thing I did notice Saturday morning fans were still wearing their Yankee garb, unlike several of our rivals.  Now is thes time we need to think about Jeter and Mo, should they stay or should they go?  Let the Hot Stove Begin!

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