Thursday, September 16, 2010


In his 15 year career with the Yankees Derek Jeter has never caused so much controversy.  I can't believe they are making such a big deal about him faking getting hit by a pitch.  His biggest crime before this was laughing when he struck out.  So now just because he pretends to get hit by a pitch in an important game in a pennant race some people and press are crying about it. 

With one out in the top of the seventh, Rays reliever Chad Qualls appeared to hit Jeter in the elbow. The Yankee shortstop grabbed his elbow and acted like he was in pain. However, the replay clearly showed the ball clearly hit the end of the bat. It's BS. It's not like he took performance enhancing drugs. Four Major League umpires couldn't catch it?  Or maybe just believe it?  It's because his image is squeaky clean that it's being made such a big deal.  When a football player goes for a catch and it hits the ground and he catches it, he plays it off like he caught it so what's the difference?  The same goes for an outfielder when he traps a ball. 

Many feel Jeter made a grave mistake in admitting the fact that he was not hit with the pitch; now the world knows he was 'lying, fibbing, acting, no matter what you wish to call it,...but a lot of folks will merely call it cheating, and nothing less.  Derek was always so careful in his past interviews, and I believe did the wrong thing by his admission! 
I can't believe he actually done that, A-Rod maybe Jeter no way.  Maybe he was trying to use it as a tool to break his slump. Maybe this slump just has him so frustrated that he will try anything to get on base.  One thing I know for sure the press aren't going to let go of this anytime soon.

Lisa Swan over at Subway Squawkers ponders what the reaction would have been if it was Alex Rodriguez.

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