Saturday, April 23, 2011


Muscle from Russell

Russell Martin went deep twice tonight but didn't get a chance to park the next one due to the fact the the Oriole pitcher drilled him in the upper back.

AJ Burrnet was ready to storm the field with his team behind in defnese of his favorite battery mate.  Oh yeah, the Yankees beat the Birds 15-3. 

The HBP in Russell Martin's last AB may or not have been intentional, and nobody is sure if Buck Showalter issued the command.  But there may be retribution tomorrow or when the Yankees return to Kramdan Yards latter this season.

Orioles reliever Josh Rupe knows what it looked like. So did manager Buck Showalter. But Rupe said after Saturday's lopsided 15-3 loss to the Yankees that the pitch that hit New York catcher Russell Martin in the back was not intended to send any kind of message.

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