Sunday, April 03, 2011


New York Yankees Phil Hughes
Not So Philty Today

Two out of three ain't bad.  Of course when you win the first two you want the broom.

The Yankees are now on a pace to win 108 games.  Mark Texiera is on pace for 159 homers.  Bartolo Colon made his pinstriped debut, no they are not slimming.  As the Tigers finish (yes finish) 2011 at Yankee Stadium 1-2 it is time to gear up to play the Twins.  We do play them in Detroit in May for four games.

The Tigers battered Phil Hughes for five runs and five hits over four innings, including a pair of two-run homers by Miguel Cabrera. Bartolo Colon was putting out fire with gasoline, in his Yankees debut. The 37-year-old former Cy Young Award winner gave up four runs and five hits in his four-inning stint.  The homers were flying as Jorge had a pair of 2-run dingers for the good guys as well.  The Tigers salvaged one game 10-7. 

Also what is with Brian Cashman blaming the Mets for abusing Jose Feliciano?  Don't you give a guy a physical before signing him? 

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