Sunday, January 28, 2007


There comes a time in a players career when the start thinking about retiring. Then there comes a time when Mother Nature decides it is time to retire that player. Neither is the case for Bernie Williams,, who had been roaming the OF of Yankee Stadium for the last 16 years, but the Yankees may not agree with him.

Every newspaper including John Harper of the Daily Snooze has his own opinion of the deal. Poor Bernie is confused. He won't lead on to the press one way or another. Maybe he is preparing himself for a career in politics? Bernie wants to come back, he doesn't know baseball without pinstripes. He won't say if he would continue his career elsewhere if the Bombers don't invest that phone call and invite him to Spring Training. Is Bernie finished I say no, he could help several teams out there.

Bernie almost made it to the majors right from single A. Dallass Greene to over the helm of the Yankees in 1989. Bernie despite his inexperience was having a great spring and Greene had him penciled in for a trip to Da Bronx. Fortunately Bernie got hurt at the end of Spring Training and never made the trip. If Bernie didn't get hurt it may have just ended ended his career (at least in pinstripes) due to the ever so many players that were rushed into the show.

Bernie Williams is the ultimate in class and will always have a job in the organization. His time may have come. No matter what he does I am sure we will be seeing that number 51 beyond the Center Field fence. Maybe he can devote full time to his music for a while.

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