Friday, February 02, 2007


Roger Clemens was in town for some hoaky St John's University event. So naturally the press made a whole big thing about it hinting he is coming back to the Yankees. Believe me, Roger won't be back in Pinstripes unless his son comes too.

Bernie Williams was offered an invite to Spring Training. Sources close to BTB say Bernie will accept it and come to camp. Many of the press mongrels were hinting that it is an insult to Bernie but Bernie is the class guy he is won't say that even if he feels that way down deep. Scott Boras, Bernie's agent, told the AP that he's waiting to hear from his client before pursuing any other options.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and baseball commissioner Bud Selig announced at City Hall this week that the All Star Game is coming back to the Bronx in 2008. Now this time it is for real.

Any of you have a tough time buying Yankee tickets this week? Well you are not alone, the Bombers already sold over 3 Million tickets. "Nobody goes there anymore it's too crowded."

And lastly Staten Island Chuck (no truth to the rumor that he is the former Yankee 2B/LF) did not see his shadow this today, so we are ready for an early spring. The bad news is Barry Bonds did see his.

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