Saturday, January 13, 2007


I never thought of Jeff Nelson in the same terms as like Thurman Munson or Paul O'Neill but what Jeff did yesterday shows me a whole other side of Jeff Nelson.

There are players and there are players. Some players play for the fame and money and others like O'Neill play with heart and the love of game. Nelson was a big part of the 90s championship teams, but I always felt he could have been so much better. I felt he never had enough confidence in his fast ball and use to try tp pick on the corners too much. When it worked it was awsome, but when it didn't it was shower time.

What Jeff did on Friday made me realize that he understands the meaning of Pinstripe Pride. Nelson accepted an invitation to spiring training and yesterday announced his retirement just so he could be retired as a Yankee. For this Jeff Nelson I salute you!! What is in store for you future, I really don't know. We wish you luck in whatever it may be.

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