Thursday, June 16, 2005


Greetings Bomber Buddies, The Yankees took a well needed sweep from the Pittsburgh Pirates this week. Being it was the first meeting between the clubs since the 1960 World Series I thought the crowds would have been a bit larger. Heck Tuesday was Whitey Ford Staute night and they only drew 41,000. Then again it was for adults and the first 18,000 fans. The largest crowd was Thursday with 54,734 fannies in the seats with no giveaway. Wednesday night I was in attendance. That game will probably be in Cecilia Tan's update of her 50 Greatest Games book. It was a comeback for the Yankees and a comeback for Jason Giambi who hit his second Yankee walkoff homer to cement the Yankee come from behind victory 7-5. Now we need to make this game the turning point of the season. If this game doesn't set us on the right path nothing will. Ironically the gave out bandanas on a night when the team mascot of the opponent who wore one for years was in town. Kevin Brown suffered back spasms again last night. If he misses a start the Yankees may recall Sean Henn who is pitching well for Columbus.

Aaron Boone
who shares the same middle name with Bucky Dent up in New England is finally starting to get comfortable in Cleveland. In his last 10, Boone is hitting .371 with three homers. Well this weekend its the Cubs in town, let's keep the momentum going!!

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