Saturday, June 04, 2005


OK anyone who is tired of the way we are playing please raise their right hand. OK you can put them down now that is exactly what I thought. I for one didn't expect us to win forever but I also didn't expect a total meltdown like we had. It seemed like we were on the right course then BAM! Boston comes in and we go into that funk again. We need a spell from the Hexman over at Yankee Tradition and we need it fast. I have seen some bad teams but this team has talent but sure isn't showing it. I have lived through the Horace Clarke years as did a lot of you. It seems every night we just find another way to loose. If this is getting to me, imagine a middle school kid, for them they never seen a bad Yankees team. So far this season we have yet to win a game where we score 3 or less runs. That is not a sign of a good team for sure.

Let me take a page from my old haunts and check out what the media is saying. I hope the team doesn't read this stuff they may start believing it and never win. Jim Souhan of the Star Tribune trys to show his intelligence as he tells us that we are not getting Much Bang For King George's Big Bucks. While North Jersey straight out reports that the Yanks' Slide Hit Six, like we didn't know that.
The Boss called Joe Torre before last nights loss to try to iron out the problems as the Journal News reported. And only Long Island Snoozeday will be talking about A-Rods retirement now. It is all wrapped up in a nutshell in North Jersey's Yankees Notebook.

Renoun baseball author Harvey Frommer talks about the anniversary of the start of Lou Gehrig's game playing streak and takes you through it in great detail on the Behind the Bombers Fansite.

Poland Spring (why are there Polish Springs in Maine?) is looking for the ultimate Yankee Fan. Go check it out.

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