Saturday, June 11, 2005


In the aftermath of a game that had the Cardinal Tabloids boasting "Bronx Blunders" Joe Torre tried to shame the team to buckle down. The skipper tried being calm, he tried yelling, he tried to have his core players try to motivate the lothargic Bombers. The thing that got them going today was the vintage game they got out of Randy Johnson. He looked like the Johnson we thought we were getting against the first place Cardinals as the Bombers blanked the Cards 5-0 Saturday afternoon. So now we have a one game win streak and won two out of our last three as we go for the rubber game on Sunday.

The alleged "cursed" 1919 contract that shipped Babe Ruth from Boston to the Bronx sold at auction Friday at Sotheby's for a staggering $996,000. Talk about having too much money. Kevin Brown, scheduled to re-join the rotation Wednesday after missing last night's start because of a sore left shoulder, was late arriving from his home in Georgia last night because of airplane problems. It looks like the Yanks have offered Denton Jackson $1 million to have him skip playing point guard for Georgia Tech according to Georgia Tech losing PG recruit to baseball's Yankees.

Despite the Yankees playing like kaa kaa, Boss George still has faith in Joe Torre. But does he have faith in Mel and Donnie Baseball?!?!?!?

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