Thursday, June 02, 2005


OK Bomber Buddies after hours of deliberation and deep thought I think I may have finally found the cause of the Yankees problems.

No it is not the age of the players although that is a definite problem, no it is not the lack of heart but we could use a little more in that department. I isn't those flag caps we wore over the weekend, I would bet anything our record is poor when we wear those.

You can't blame this losing streak on Jason Giambi, you can't blame Kevin Brown or Jarrad Wright. The real cause of all this bad baseball is Dave & Aziz Nekoukar.

For those of you who are not familiar with those names Dave & Aziz do a fine job writing the Yankees Weblog over at where I use call home for about ten weeks. They took over for Mark Strawn who replaced yours truly over there. Mark was a butcher who disappeared right before the post season. His blogs tended to be missing on the heavy rated matchups like the Mets or Sox. But Dave and Aziz stepped in and filled that void and did it wonderfully.

There was one problem. Dave & Aziz are cursed. A curse that is stronger than the Cub's goat and Babe Ruth's curse combined. The Nekoukar brothers you see did the NY Rangers Blog on for years. Last I checked the Rangers missed the playoffs for 7 straight seasons. Last season the NHL locked out the players so no hockey at all.

Then Mark Strawn left and Dave and Aziz took over and guess what? The Yankees were knocked out of the ALCS after being up 3 games to none!!!! The biggest choke in Yankee history. And forget about what's happening now. A coincidence? I think not!

So when you hear these talk show hosts blaming Alex Roddriguez or Jason Giambi for the Yankee woes, phone them up we know the real reason and it's not a pretty one. Maybe they could write the Mets Blog for a while.

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