Thursday, March 24, 2011


The New York Yankees are in Tampa, The Maple Street Press Yankee Annual 2011 is on the newsstand and Spring is in the air.  That could only mean that Opening Day is upon us.

Cecilia Tan once again has collected some of the best Bomber writers she could find and gathered them together to look into the Yanks 2011 season.  Ms Tan is the publisher of  the Website Why I Like Baseball.  She bats lead off in this great publication giving you the inside look at the potential Bomber squad using a batbag of stats, some you may not ever heard of.  Don't ya know that the cover has a picture of Robbie Cano?

Dan Graziano of the Star Ledger follows her up with a 2010 review.  In MSP Dan shows just how talented he is talking nothing but baseball.  Mark C Healy tells us if he feel Robbie Cano is for real.  There is just so much about the 2011 team the book could be called Yankees 101. 

What Yankees publication would be complete without delving int their historic past.  And who better to lead the way than Dan McCourt who can give you chills with his keyboard.  Dan looks back at the Yankees 13 MVP winners.  Dan can be found at his site giving you his daily Yankees peek as he Takes Him Downtown.  He can also be found quite often on the Behind the Bombers Forum

This issue has some of the best peeks into our minor league system out there.

A plethora of writers cover the multitude of topics listed below:

Spring Ahead: A Look at the 2011 New York Yankees (Player Profiles)

Near Miss: 2010 in Review

Home Grown: Robinson Cano Comes Into His Own

Hit Or Miss: The 2010 Yankees Rotation By The Numbers

I Don't Feel That I've Arrived: An Interview with Phil Hughes

Headed For The Hall: Who Will be the Next Yankee in Cooperstown?

Secret Weapon: Kevin Long is the Most Dangerous Man in the Yankee Offensive Arsenal

Big Boss Man: A Look Back On the Last Lion of Baseball

Two By Two: The Yankees' Top 10 Prospects

A Good Harvest: 2010 On The Yankees Farm

Switch-Pitcher: Pat Venditte From All Sides

Spreading The Wealth: The 2010 Yankees Draft

The Pride Of Brooklyn: Dellin Betances is Ready To Live Up to the Hype

Bombers' Dozen: A Look Back At All 13 Yankees MVPs

The Greatest Game Ever Played: Seizing The 1921 Pennant

Keller Is King: Remembering 1941

The Tape Measure Shot: The Real Story of Mantle's Griffith Stadium Homer

Yankee Road Trip: Places Every Yankees Fan Should See

Keep the kleenex handy as the article on The Boss digs deep into your memories. 

So run out to you nearest bookstore or magazine stand and pick up a couple of copies.  You will be glad you did.  This is a must buy. 

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