Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Spring has sprung Bomber buddies and now it is for real.  With the lingering sour taste from the early exit in 2010 we enter 2011 on the road to 28. 

The slates are clean everyone is tied for first place.  The Yankees came up short in the Cliff Lee conquest but 4 out of 5 experts agree that may be a blessing is disquise.  Both the Yankees and Mets finshed their exibition season against the same team they are meeting on Opening Day.  Who's idea was that? 

It will be Justin Verlander vs CC Sabathia for the opener in Da Bronx, Friday is an off day for the  teams.  The rest of the rotation rounds out to Burnett, Hughes, Nova and Freddy Garcia.  Many though that Bartolo Colone should have won the fifth spot but he will be hanging on in the pen in case Freddy or anyone else needs a fill in.

CC Sabathia leads the way but he can't do it alone.  He surely needs help from both Phil Hughes and AJ Burnett. Hughes needs to bring more of consistency to the mound. Nova and Garcia just need to be solid.
AJ Burnett’s career is being counted out by most experts since he is now 34. He still throw hard, but his fastball was crushed for a career worst 25 HR’s (back to back years) given up last year. He looks to rebound this year in his "year on".

Anyway it is 162 game season and a lot can happen but come October (actually November) and the dust settles we should be Marching down Broadway. 

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