Monday, July 06, 2009

Review Munson: The Life and Death of a Yankee Captain

Who better than former Yankee Public Relations Director Marty Appel could write a book on the Yankees most dominant Captain? Marty just doesn't pick up right where he left off in Thurman's Official Biography 30 years ago, he fills in the holes and answers all the questions that the original book had you asking for 30 years.

I know I am sounding cliche but once I picked this book up I just had to finish it. Yes it does help that Thurman Munson is my favorite Yankee of all time but any Yankee fan would love it just as much. Marty Appel pays tribute to the short lived legend like only a friend can.

For those that know Munson Appel builds the man up from ground zero, but he leaves you yearning for more through the entire book by telling us things that we never knew existed. He goes deep into the man, his life and his family including members of his family that you never heard talk of. From his teammates to the Plane crash in 1979 and Appel brings you George Steinbrenner how you would want to remember him.

You know I am a Munson fan but this book is getting top ratings from writers and in periodicals all over the country. Including the official BTB Book reviewer Harvey Frommer.

Photo from 1972 Yankees High School Sports Editor Day, Thurman and Marty.

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