Saturday, July 11, 2009


Did anyone notice any strange odors coming out of Anaheim? If you did it was probably in the visitor's dugout at the Big A or the Big LA of A or whatever they are calling it these days!

How can we let a beat up team like that beat us? A team with no bullpen, and missing three regulars. Joba where are you? you don't seem to be working anything out. Coincidence that we looked so bad after Francisco Cervelli was demoted? You tell me. All of a sudden Jorge Posada can't block a wild pitch and keep it in front of himself???? Heck you learn that in Spring Training.

Last game before the All Star Game tomorrow. Yanks wind up with four off days so everyone except Pettitte is available. We must salvage this one!


kingpin22s said...

tell me about it. im a Yankee fan out here in SoCal and i dislike the Angels very very much. My brother likes the Angels and i was highly upset at the fact that the angels aren't even that good of a team, yet they SWEPT us..... i went to the first 2 games of the series and saw Joba choke, and Petitte choke. then come sunday CC chokes. Overall i was mad because Damon,Teixeira,Posada, and Swisher were non factors as well... I was very impressed with Eric Hinske however... great pickup from the Pirates.

Phil Speranza said...

Hey we will overcome. You should join us on the BTB Forum. you know your baseball.