Saturday, June 20, 2009

Random Thoughts

By Guest Blogger Mike Hallmark

Okay, Josh Johnson is a stud but the National's pitchers weren't. A question has been turning over in my mind: Are the Yankees a bunch of "guess" hitters. I'm pretty sure AROD is and Posada. But we sure get caught looking at fastballs down the middle a lot. Maybe that's the secret explanation as to why we can't seem to hit pitchers we've never loved or seen before. It seems nobody except Robinson Cano is a see the ball, hit the ball player. I only say this because we're sure scuffling against some bad pitchers. Yet, we jumped all over Johan Santana, who even with diminished stuff has more than we saw against the Nationals.

Also, in my day to day weird ruminations I'm wondering if our pitchers are lining up to pitch on the road. I know Andy Pettitte would be first in that line considering his home and away splits. I understand our pitchers' reluctance to throw strikes. Everytime a ball is hit in the air by an opposing player I hold my breath 1000 miles away. We need to fix the right center power alley this winter. Our glittering jewel has an achilles heel.

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