Monday, May 25, 2009


MLB and the Yanks are scheduled to wear the Red Caps with the flag logo on Memorial Day, July 4th and 9-11 this year. It is surely a break in the Yankee Tradition. Here is what the forum at Behind the Bombers had to say.

The Yanks are being forced by Bud to wear red capsover Memorial Day weekend. All MLB teams willbe wearing red caps.The NY Yankees have never worn red caps in their history.Once again, the Friar hates what Bud is doing. ....Good Friar

Don't do it. Pay the fine. George Steinbrenner would've ...Asburry Boss

I would think that some our esteemed conservative members would be up in arms over this. Sounds like a communist plot to me. ... Rags

Ridiculous.....Bud should also make everyone wear all red the Cuban honor the troops of course.I guess a moment of silence and the playing of the national God Bless America during the 7th inning stretch is just not enough. ...BBT

I hate Bud and most everything he does....but this weekend think of ALL the veterans and the sacrifices they have made for ALL of us.Forget about the politics of war...remember the instruments that carry out the wars.The Veterans who selflessly gave up all their tomorrow's so we could have ours.I will ....Bernz-a-matic

It's for the Veteran's. Give it a break, boys. Some things, dare I say, are more important than the Yankees. ...effjay

Sorry Bernz. I think you're being duped. The veterans WILL BE FETED those days. It happens every year, as it should. I was totally OK with the Yanks doing this one time, and that was for the game with Virginia Tech. Those poor kids. I'm so proud of my team.I refuse to believe it's about respect for vets when they're going to be $37 apiece. The marketing wheels are turning. I have no intention to disparage the military, my views about war notwithstanding. One of my favorite days ever was the 2001 ALCS game where you were down there on the outfield partaking in flag duty in front of the right center field fence where Soriano would win the game with an opposite field jack later that night.Remember a couple of years back when they started selling and wearing the Spring Training caps with the white line on either side?Every OTHER team in mlb has multiple unis home and away. ...Knuckles

Knuckles, I'm with you on the fleecing of the consumer in the name of the holiday, absolutely. My day in Right Center (under the Armitron sign) is still my greatest time in the ball park and one of the highlights of my military career, and one I look at every day when I fire up my work laptop (I think of you and Sue every time I fire this baby up and the picture appears ) and, yes the Vet will be feted over the weekend, but it's premature to do so this weekend. There is a difference that a lot (especially the media and consumer machine) forget.Memorial day is to remember the Vets that gave all, to memorialize the fallen.Veterans day is for all vets to be feted both living and deceased.Big difference in this crusty old retired MSgt's eyes. ...Bernz-a-matic

I don't have no problem either, I would have liked it better if a certain perecentage of the profits went to the Vet. Hey last year it was a royal blue. It will look weird but a cap doesn't make or break the team. When someone asks why are all the teams wearing red caps, you can answer to honor out Veterans. ... Phil

Phil, according to the article, ALL proceed from the sale of these caps will go to the Welcome Home soldier fund. I don't particuarly like the red hat, but it is for a great cause. We owe alot to the soldier who are sacrificing now, and those who did so in the past. God bless the USA! ..Tarhealbomber

yankees don't wear red!!!! ... Jimbue

I can't argue with the vets here, but I don't like it. If we have to do it, we do it! GOFERIT-Yanks ...RJPinstripes

Honor the Vets, absolutely.MLB marketing ploy to make Bud look good - bah, humbug.How about MLB, as immensely profitable as they've been for years now, just making a donation to the Welcome Home fund (or any other worthy, appropriate charity) without sucking more $$$ out of the fans. ... DavidL

Fred Wilpon, Mets owner started the program last year aimed at creating job opportunities as well as addressing continuing health-care needs of returning veterans. ... JohnM

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