Saturday, October 20, 2012

Wait Till Next Year!

Stay or Go???
Wasn't it great when the press tried to help our teams instead of putting unneeded pressure on them?  It sucks that a feww hundred drunks that only attend a game when the team is winning could go fill the air with boo's that was influenced by booze.  Fans (and I use the term loosly) that couldn't name more than 6 players on the roster spending more time on the beer lines or the bathroom lines trying to look cool to their friends and yelling boooooo.  Heck if we were winning they would be starting the wave.  Yeah you know who you are.
The Daily Snooze is reporting that Granderson needs glasses.  He hit 44 homers without them this year.  They also just published their readers vote (didn't know their readers could write?) on who should stay and who should go this year.  It was pretty predictable .  The one that surprized me was that they voted Joba to be gone.  He played pretty well and was a victim of really hard luck this year.

Derek Jeter (85%), Mariano Rivera (85%) and Mark Teixeira (73%) got a lot of support, so did some new faces. Ichiro Suzuki, who said multiple times how much he cherished being a Yankee, apparently won admirers — 83% voted to keep him.  Hiroki Kuroda, the ace for much of the season while Sabathia was injured, is wanted back by 92%.
Check out the Daily Snooze for complete results.

Should prove interesting who is in Tampa this Spring.  Can life go on smoothly between A-Rod and Skipper Joe? 

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