Wednesday, July 25, 2012


 Yes Baseball Fans there is Love abound in the RSN!  Yes, in the same town that just released a commercial in which the only words were Yankees Suck comes a love story that can touch everyone's heart with a giggle, a smile and a tear.

Joe Pickering Junior brings us the autobiographical tune which tells the story of a young couple in love and their first trip together to Fenway Park.  

Could the same writer who brought us "All I Want For Christmas Is For The Yankees To Lose" have a sensitive side to him?  You bet he can, and he does it in style while incorporating our favorite sport in "That Seven Inning Stretch" sung by Roger William.  The balladeer delivers the story as if it was his own in a style that would rekindle any fire.  

The young lover tries and succeeds to impress his lady friend at Fenway by making her believe he can make the entire stadium stand in the seventh inning reminiscent to Moses parting the Red (Sox?) Sea.  And how does it end you ask?  I guess you just have to download the single.

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