Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ca$hman Rant! Special Guest Blogger John Monaco

Regular BTB readers will know I have been a long term supporter of Brian Ca$hman. But today is my day to blast him. I'm no scout. Never played the game in an organized league after my teens but have watched MLB closely for 50 years. Watching Jesus Montero catch last night (for Seattle) got me stirred up. Many of you know I followed him about as close as you can follow a prospect from a distance. Taking every opportunity at Spring Training, seeing him live in-person in the Minors or watching on the Internet I watched him like a hawk to assess his catching skills.

Never did I ever conclude he wouldn't be an acceptable MLB catcher from a defensive perspective, but I'm not a Pro Scout or talent evaluator. Last year he should have been in the Bronx starting in June catching twice a week. We had a golden opportunity to see what he has catching 25 or so games and maybe getting 200 At Bats. We had (Francisco) Cervelli I guy I like, respect and root for getting valuable playing time with us already knowing what his ceiling was. Instead of playing with house money we let Jesus linger in AAA.

Instead of having a nice test in MLB we get a 63 AB sample and one game behind the plate. Utter stupidity. If we had a vibrant Boss around that never would have happened.

Make no mistake. My rant is not aimed at the trade. Acquiring Campos and Pineda was a great move. I should be Ca$h's boss.

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