Friday, April 27, 2012

Moose Skowron 1930 to 2012

Moose Skowron 1930-2012

Moose Skowron passed away today, loosing yet another legend.  Here is one of the stories that Marty Appel tells about Moose in his upcoming book Pinstripe Empire. The author touches upon the situation when the Moose was traded across country to the Los Angeles Dodgers who left town just 4 years earlier.

The author tells how the trade to the Dodger after the 1962 season not only broke his (Skowron's) heart but delivered a mixed message to Yankee fans. On the one hand, this was good baseball management: out with the old, in with the new, to perpetuate the success of the team.  (This something that you can't always do with today's contracts)  Joe Pepitone, a homegrown product with a quick bat and terrific fielding skills, was ready to take over --- and he was ten years younger!  heartless though it must have felt to the sensitive Moose, this was how successful teams flourished. 

In exchange for Skowron, the Yankees got starting pitcher Stan Williams, a 14 game winner for the Dodger in '62. 

I remember feeling sad seeing Moose guesting on situation comedies being he was close to tinsel town.  I beleive it was either The Beverly Hillbillies or Mr Ed. 

God Bless you Moose and the Skowron Family.  You will always be a Yankee.

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