Thursday, October 08, 2009


Dear Jorge,
It's time to take a cue from your buddy Derek. Know when to say the right thing and know when to shut up!
In the aftermath of Joe Girardi gambling by naming Jose Molina starter for game 2 of the 2009 ALDS, your performance last night both on and off the field almost made me wish he named him starter to game one as well.
Your throws were perfect, if Derek Jeter was 14 foot tall and you allowed two pass balls and were a bit lackadaisical in the field. OK one of the PBs were admittedly CC's fault because he admits you got crossed up. But even so you don't throw your teammate under the bus in the post game press conference. It wasn't that long ago Andy Pettitte preferred you over Joe Girardi. He actually preferred Jimmy Leyritz over both of you.
OK regardless of if AJ Burrnett is a primadona or not you have to sit back and accept your manager's decision and don't second guess him to the press or on Centerstage or anything. Sure you were disappointed, I wouldn't want you on my team if you weren't. If it helps AJ at all I am all for it.
You behaved like a sour old man all year, it's time to sit back and enjoy the game. If Joe says jump ask him how high?
This is the closest knit team you had since 1999 so relax and enjoy it and you will do better. Show some support for The Panda as well. Think of it as pay back for when Molina filled in for you when you were hurt this year. Lead us Jorgy!...

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