Friday, October 30, 2009


Game two of the 2009 World Series is now under our belts and we are off to Philadelphia for three games on enemy turf.
Pedro returned to the stadium for the first time since he played for the Mets. He put on quite a show. The Yanks won this round in the Who’s Your Daddy? Sweepstakes. Petey pitched well but AJ did him one better as the Yankees won 3-1 with Mariano Rivera getting a six out save. "After yesterday, getting a win today was big," (Mark) Teixeira said. A night after getting stopped by Cliff Lee in the opener 6-1, the Yanks bounced back from an early deficit, sparked by a pickoff throw from backup catcher Jose “the Panda” Molina.
Derek Jeter has won the Roberto Clemente Award partially due to his Turn 2 Foundation. The Yankee captain was presented with the award Thursday before the start of yesterday’s game.

BIG MOUTH DEPARTMENT Jimmy Rollins was quoted in saying:
Thank goodness the World Series is leaving New York so we can get a little atmosphere.
"Our ballpark is so loud and rowdy, I was really expecting some of that here," Phillies shortstop Jimmy Rollins said. "It was very tame and civil."
Rollins flashed that devilish smile of his, the one that all but says, "Put it on the back page."
From mystique and aura to tame and civil.
What has the Bronx come to?

I wonder what Pedro thinks. I think Jimmy should get his ears checked.

Like a wise man once said "It's not who wins the first game, it is who wins the last."

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Rob Abruzzese said...

Jimmy Rollins is right, New Yankee Stadium is pathetic compared to the old one. It's like nobody cares about the game. I mean, nobody was really dogging Pedro and AJ had 9 strikeouts, you'd think they'd get into it a little more. Notice that nobody brings the K signs anymore too.