Saturday, February 23, 2008


Several MLB teams have their own ticket service or exclusive arrangement with a ticket service. The New York Metropolitans are one of them. OK, so the Mets do not sell through Ticketmaster. So they created a service to sell both Mets and Brooklyn Cyclone Tickets called

This was fine for both the Mets and their fans, mainly because the for said tickets were not a high demand item. But along comes the wrecking ball and the news of the demise of Shea Stadium and that's when it gets interesting.

Billy Joel has decided that he wanted to be the last musical act at the toilet in Flushing. As a matter of fact he will be the last two acts there. Well as you may have guess the Mets ticket service handled the event (and quite poorly I may add). Whether it is phone lines and/or bandwidth was not equipped to handle the demand.

Many of the complaints were as follows:

  1. Could not get on the site at all.
  2. Was set watching the countdown time cycle for an hour.
  3. System crapped out before I could get in my information.
  4. Everything locked on me and I had to reboot.
  5. I know first hand that I was watching that 60 second timer cycle for 45 minutes and someone who was talking to me via AIM was kicked off line and had to reboot got tickets before I ever saw a choice to get tickets.
  6. Around 9:50 all the server was overloaded and everyone got an error screen.
  7. Of course the phone was overloaded as well.

It made me appreciate Ticketmaster all the more. Grant it with Ticketmaster I may have been shut out as well but it probably would have been in 10 minutes instead of 50. Good luck getting tickets for the final game Mets fans. 507TIXX just got overwhelmed.

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