Saturday, February 02, 2008

A few thoughts/predictions on the upcoming march to 27:


1. Led by the youthful exhuberance, energy and enthusiasm of Joe Girardi, the Yankees will come screaming out of the gate at a .650 win clip through April.

2. Feeding off the enthusiasm of the teams youngsters, Andy Pettitte and Chien Ming Wang will be leading the charge. Pettitte opens the season with a three hit complete game shutout.

3. Alex Rodriguez will be the center of a triple crown bid the sportsworld will be talking about in September.

4. Robbie Cano starts the all-star game at 2nd base.

5. The Yankee dugout will be full of exhuberance and vitality as Melky Cabrera and Shelley Duncan invent new and outrageous handshakes. Melky gets a bruised knee cap and sits for 2 games as a result.

6. Phil Hughes and Ian Kennedy are dubbed the "Kids from K'ville". When Ian pitches photos of Ted Kennedy will appear after each K. When Hughes pitches photos of an airplane will be displayed after strikouts.

7. Joba Chamberlain becomes the greatest setup man since Mariano Rivera. Shedding the "Joba Rules" his ERA stays around 1.00 and that's because of a dropped ball by an overwieght Johnny Damon that's ruled a hit.

8. Derek Jeter is heard to say, "Mr. Girardi, I haven't had this much fun since 2000."

9. The Baseball world marvels at the perfect mix of youth and experience.

10. Kyle Farnsworth, rejuvenated by a few Joe Girardi suggestions, is late game lights out.

11. David Wells pitched a perfect game on May 17. David Cone had his on July 18. Mike Mussina will pitch a perfect game this coming season on the 19th day of a month. (has to be a day where his stars were in perfect aligianment) Not sure which one.

12. The Yankees face the Dodgers in the World Series. With the NL winning the all-star game the Yankees take the first two in LA. Exasperated Dogers owner Frank McCourt confronts Joe Torre who tells him not to worry, they'll win three in New York and rap it up back in LA. The Dodgers inspired by Torre's confidence promptly drop the next two, and the Yankees celebrate the elusive 27th championship trophy.

And all becomes right with the world.


susan mullen said...

With respect, Mariano Rivera's year 1996 as setup man is something Joba is not likely to approach in his lifetime. Nor is anyone else for that matter. Rivera had no rules, he pitched 3 inning appearances numerous times (I believe 8x in the regular season) plus numerous other multi inning appearances. Also in 1996 Rivera pitched 3 days in a row in the World Series. For the total year he pitched 122 innings and gave up a grand total of 1 homerun.
I understand Joba's being compared to Mo, and it would be nice and he's great, etc., but they're different kinds of pitchers. It's highly unlikely Joba can accomplish what Rivera did in combined regular and post season 1996.

Phil Speranza said...

Susan you are 100% right!! Mo set a whole new playing field for relievers. Barry wasn't saying that Joba would be better than Mo but rather the best set up man since Mo. Most of the article was done tongue in cheek. I like your style you should post on the BTB forum.