Friday, December 02, 2005


If there is going to be any flash in the 2006 Yankees roster it won't be in the guise of John "Flash" Flaherty or Tom "Flash" Gordon. So after leading the majors in Flashes the Yankees suddenly find themselves flashless. John has retired and Gordon has gone the way of WC Fields and wound up robbing the Phillies of a 3 year contract for his burned out arm.

Joining the Bombers this coming season is RHP Kyle Farnsworth who agreed to a three-year contract through 2008. In 2005, Farnsworth went 1-1 with 16 saves and a 2.19 ERA. He struck out 87 batters in 70 innings, holding opponents to a .180 average in 72 appearances. Now if he can bounce back from his NLDS blow up he can be the perfect set up for Mariano Rivera.

Let's hope Farnsworth doesn't go the route of another Braves releiver Mark Wohlers. Like Kyle Wohlers gave up a rather monumental post season homer to Jim Leyritz which even Leo Mazzone couldn't snap him out of. Farnsworth gave up a pretty big grand slam in last year's post season. Wohlers never was the same again.

The Yankees filled one of the holes on their roster on Wednesday, signing free agent Kelly Stinnett to replace Flaherty as the team's backup catcher. Stinnett signed a one-year deal for $650,000 to become second banana to Jorge Posada. The move is only the second free agent signing of the offseason for the Yankees, who re-signed Hideki Matsui to a four-year deal in mid-November to a reported 50 million.

Bubba Crosby may very well roam the confines of the spacious centerfield at Yankee Stadium. With a little help from hitting coach Don Mattingly Bubba could make the fans stand up and cheer after his 400 batting average in September. Don't count Bernie Williams out just yet as he could catch on as a fourth outfielder and part time DH.

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