Friday, February 03, 2012

SPECIAL GUEST BLOGGER Juan Lopez --- Utility Yankees

Throughout the history of the Yankees there have been many great Superstars, many Hall of Famers, from position players to bench players. There have also been many great "utility players," men that have been asked to play one position today, another tomorrow, but which have done so quite well.

Many of these utility players have had to do with the success of those Yankee teams, and to this day continue to do so. They have no set position, although they can play a base better than others maybe because that particular base is the one that they have mastered, having played it for most of the careers. Others, well they can play wherever they are asked to, and do so professionally.

Today we think of Nunez, yesterday a Randy Velarde, and it's not only within the Yankees, it's throughout all of Major League Baseball.

For now, I will only mention our Yankees, but again, I have to tip my cap to them, and admit that they are as essential to winning a championship, as the Stars are, only that sometimes it's overlooked.

With this being said, many of you that have followed our Yankees for decades, who comes to mind that you recognize as a "great" utility man, a man that did not affect their club's efficiency with their play, but that instead helped in winning wherever they were put to play?

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