Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Special Guest Blogger Juan Lopez aka Johnnyyankee

That's the way it is with the Yankees. It's been two years now that we have become more less spenders than we have always been known to be, and all are asking what's is wrong with Brian Cashman's check book, or better yet, the H brother's one. No free agent signings, nothing to improve the ball club as we have always been known to do, just staying passive.

When we were spending left and right, we were often criticized. We were, according to them, buying championships. If Mr. Big was out there, everyone knew that it would not be long before he was a Yankee.Now that we don't get that super player, or top pitcher, they can't understand what's wrong with the Yankees. So if you are aggressive, you are pummeled, and if you are not you still get pummeled.

When Pujols was signed by the Angels for what eventually will be a big mistake by them, there were no complaints, no one wrote anything about the Angels buying a championship, especially by going after C.J. Wilson also and dishing out hundreds of millions on just these two guys. Had the Steinbrenners done anything of the sort, they would still be getting their butts whipped by the critics.

If I was Cashman and for the sake of everyone's sanity, I would go out and sign Prince Fielder. I would put him at First when the pitcher is a righty and DH Mark. With a left handed pitcher on the mound, I would Dh Fielder and put Mark at first. Yeah, I would do just that, thus getting the best hitter in this year's Free agency, for if one looks at his numbers and age, he would be the top man to sign, not Pujols. Albert's numbers have started to dip and as good as he has been, Prince will for the next few years put up as big, if not bigger numbers than Pujols. With the right field porch of YS, the guy dhing and playing first will finish with over 40 homers. Yeah, why not? He would make a nice Three King's Day since it may already be to late for Santa to bring us Mr. Fielder. By the way, we celebrate Three King's Day in Puerto Rico and in all Latin American countries. Don't throw away your Christmas tree on Dec. 26, for you may find a present come January 6, Three King's Day...

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