Thursday, October 13, 2011


Bronx Bound Papi?
Now Big Papi wants to exit Boston and come play for the Yankees. That should get him in even hotter waters over there, as it is not going to sit well with Sox fans hearing that he wants to play for the Enemy.

Francona is now being cataloged as a lame duck type manager, and U-kill-us as a bad teammate, a selfish one, Josh "Bucket of Beer, " and John Lack-it as drunkards,

Cowardtek as a weak captain, non influential, a participant also, Carl Crawford and Adrian Gonzalez, who seem like they were downing the chicken with Dunkin Donut Caramel shakes.

I never realized that eating chicken and drinking beer could cause so much damage, so much trouble, enough to have a manager get fired, a General Mgr. to jump ship, a DH to try and now play for a team that he has hated all along, that just a few weeks ago was pissed at the NY writers for causing CC to plunk him. All of this because they were eating chicken, drinking beer and playing video games? I guess its a volatile combination after all. Maybe there's more to all of this than what's being reported. Stay tuned, for I am sure we will soon hear more of this soap opera. In the mean time, I will stop eating K fried chicken, stop drinking my Coronitas, and stop playing "Pac-Man," which is the only video game I ever learned to play....

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