Sunday, September 11, 2011

Daily Noose

Saturday's News
OK Bomber Buddies the New York Daily News is at it again.  True the Yankees have been playing like they have been in a coma but despite how lothargic it has been, you really can't plame the pitching least of all Bartolo Colon.  He pitched his heart out on Friday night, he gave the team seven strong innings.  So tell me why the the new this it was funny to dis him like they did on the back pages?

True his performance went to WASTE.  True his is larger than your average pitcher.  But was there a need to put the headline as What A Waist?  I think not!  In reality him and Montero were the only positives in the sloppy game.

You guys want to be covering the flower show come April?  Then fine, keep poking fun at your bread and butter.  We are suppose to be on the same side.  Attack the Red Sox, Phillies or some other New York rival, they are the ones that will take the food off your family's table.  As tired as we are we don't need the extra pressure of your stupidity.  What should be clever has turned stupid.

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