Friday, July 15, 2011



Bartollo Colon, could he be out of gas. He doesn’t exactly have that Jack Lalanne physique. There is no evidence of PED use there for sure. He has had bad outings back to back for the first time all summer. He pitched winter ball so that would make it very long season. As much as I would love to see him make a very long season with a little less than half to go not counting the post season.

Manager Joe Girardi made up a 1000 excuses for the portly righthander but Bartollo would have no part of them. Colon said through an interpreter. "That was my fault. I don't pitch good, and they hit me, and I lost the game." (just why does he “still” need an interpretor?)

The move to to send Ivan Nova to SWB to keep him starting doesn’t look so stupid now. And hopefully Hughes keeps pitching well. Maybe, just maybe it was a burp for Colon. Maybe next outing he comes back OK.

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