Sunday, May 08, 2011


Finally showing some spunk.  Look for the team to follow.
It has a long way to go before I am happy with Jeter's ABs but he took a step in the right direction Sunday as the Yankees beat the Texas Rangers 12-5.  The Yankees leave the Longhorn State taking two of three from Texas.  "Everybody needs a day like this, regardless if you're swinging well or you're not swinging well," Jeter said. "I just want to be comfortable. ... It's pretty difficult to hit when you're sitting around trying to think of too many things, and I found myself thinking of things early on."

Under a microscope all season as he started slowly following a 2010 drop-off, the 36-year-old Jeter also had three RBIs and his first stolen base of the year while raising his batting average from .256 to .276. 

Andruw Jones is playing LF like he is wearing cement shoes. No pop in his bat. Unless he doubles up on the Geritol he'll be gone this month. 

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